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Shine Kim

Hello, Anteaters! My name is Shine Kim and I will be the Editor-in-Chief for this upcoming academic year. I am currently a second year majoring in International Studies and minoring in Criminology Law & Society. I am the liaison between our advisor, the yearbook staff members, and you, the student body. My job is to make sure each page upholds all journalistic and university standards, ensure the productivity of our organization, and record the memories that the student body sees fit.

I do not have interns because it is quite a handful being the liaison; however, I am available for questions and conversations if you wish to apply for the position in the future. I wish to not only be your leader, but also your friend. I’m a human just like you, a student who is drowning in student debt and academic hardships. Don’t be a stranger, apply, and join the Anthology Yearbook’s family!

Myguel Angelo M. Del Mundo
Marketing Coordinator

My name is Myguel Angelo M. Del Mundo. I will be the Marketing Director for this upcoming 2016-2017 academic year. I will be in charge of marketing the yearbook to different departments, seniors, and independent companies. I will also be in charge of recruitment for any students who are interested in joining yearbook! I hope we have a great year together and if you would like to intern for the Marketing Department then by all means please contact me!

Ruben Alejandro Dorantes
Academics & Admin Editor

My name is Ruben Dorantes and I am currently a fourth year at UCI, majoring in History. I will be the Academics and Administration editor for this upcoming year. Academics and Administration Section Editor professionally e-mails and interacts with on-campus departments. Keeps in good contact and communication with departments and the Advisor about page developments. Collects content from departments who purchase pages and send departments proofs of their pages as requested. Works closely with Advisor to draft contracts, manage payment options, etc.

Sara Wolfrom
Managing Editor

As managing editor, I make sure that everyone is on track with their weekly assignments and that all of the deadlines for content submission are met. I deal directly with the editor in chief as well as overlook the work of all of the staff members of UCI Anthology. Additionally, I am in charge of intern/editor attendance at meetings and I plan out the yearbook socials during the school year.

Ashley Duong
Graduates Editor

Hey, my name is Ashley and I’m currently a second year at UCI, majoring in philosophy and literary journalism. I am also the Graduates Editor for UCI Anthology. As Graduates Editor, I am in charge of overlooking the senior portrait section and writing profiles on and taking pictures of a number of select professors and students to be included in the yearbook.

Priyanka Das
Copy Editor

Hello! My name is Priyanka Das and I’m a 4th year Bio major. I am the copy editor this year again so I’m in charge of checking for spelling, grammar and flow of the copies. Essentially I make the writing look pretty!

Katrina Zhao
University Life Editor

Hello everyone! My name is Katrina and I am a third year Biological Sciences major. A bit about myself is that I love watching horror movie and I am a fan of American Horror Story! I am also a foodie; I like eating all kinds of food. I used to be a shy person when meeting new people; however, I became more confident and willing to meet more friends after I joined Yearbook. Now, I’m an editor of University Life section and I am ready to meet all my interns!

Meghana Munagala
Resident Life Editor

My name is Meghana Munagala and I would be the Res Life Editor for the 2016-2017 school year. In this position, I would be organizing the group pictures for all freshman year dorms, both Mesa Court and the Middle Earth Residents. I would make sure all the residents fill out their names on the sheets provided to them during the photoshoot so that the right names would be allocated for the respective residents when the pictures are published in the yearbook. I would also be interviewing all the Resident Advisors of their respective resident halls by making them fill out the sheets which will be prepared by me with basic questions regarding their academic year, their main goal for the residents along with few simple questions about their interests and also about their hobbies.